Millau Viaduct

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Millau Viaduct is a cable-stayed bridge over river Tarn near Millau in France. It is a part of the A75-A71 highway from Paris to Beziers and Montpellier. Here are a few vital stats of the bridge:

Length: 2500 m

Width: 32.05 m

Clearance below: 270 m

Max height above ground: 342 m

Number of spans: 6

Length of maximum span: 340 m

Opened: 2004

Cost of construction: 400 million euros

Millau viaduct has a mast height of 340 m above its base. It is tallest bridge in the world. Its height is more than the than Eiffel tower (324 m), making it the tallest structure in France. Because of the construction of the bridge, travel time from France to Spain has reduced considerably.

Cable-stayed bridges are built when the length to be spanned is very big. With 6 spans each of average length 340m, Millau viaduct is indeed a marvel of structural engineering.

Millau viaduct at dusk
Millau viaduct at dusk