Golden Gate Bridge

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The Golden Gate bridge on Golden Gate strait connects the city of San Francisco to Marin county. This majestic suspension bridge is seen by many as a symbol of the American dream. Here are a few vital stats of the bridge:

Bridge type: Suspension bridge

Length: 2700 m

Width: 27.4 m

Height: 227 m

Opened: 1937

Cost of construction: 27 million USD

Though the name says golden gate, the bridge has been painted reddish orange in color in order to protect it from the corrosive environment. The bridge derives its name from the Golden Gate strait which connects the the San Francisco bay to the Pacific ocean. The US Navy initially objected for the construction of the bridge fearing that the naval ships would be trapped in the bay if the bridge was bombed or it collapsed. Eventually approval was given, but the military wanted the bridge to be painted in black and yellow stripes.

Apart from helping to reduce traffic congestion, the bridge is also a popular tourist attraction and according to Frommers travel guide, the most photographed bridge in the world.

What is even more interesting about the Golden gate bridge is that its construction created many jobs during the Great Depression, thereby helping the economic development of the United States. The citizens of San Francisco area pledged their own homes, farms and other properties as collateral for the $ 35 million bond issues by the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway district.

Aerial view of the golden gate bridge
Aerial view of the golden gate bridge
Golden gate bridge at night
Golden gate bridge at night

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